We extend our services to builders, developers, homeowners, real estate agents, insurance companies and investors. In addition, we currently serve as the appointed Building Code Official for over twenty (20) municipalities throughout the Washington, Allegheny and Beaver County regions.

Some of the critical services we provide to our clients are listed below:

Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Services

HMT and Associates is fully insured and certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Third Party Inspection Agency to administer and enforce the Uniform Construction Code. Our staff consists of personnel fully certified by the State in all aspects of residential and commercial construction inspections and plan reviews. We also provide full service ADA Accessibility Plan preparation or review services. Since the inception of the UCC in 2004, we have processed well over 2,000 Building Permits.


We provide residential inspection and plan review services for projects of all types, such as UCC inspections related to a Building Permit, Third Party Agency services in Opt-Out municipalities, structural inspections of aging foundations, insurance inspections related to claims, or even Code Enforcement related inspections of dilapidated residences. We would love to talk with you about any residential inspection or plan review needs you might have and the services we are able to provide.


Our inspectors are certified in all categories of the UCC by Pennsylvania to inspect commercial construction and review commercial building plans. If you have an upcoming project, or if you are a municipality considering your enforcement options, please contact us for more information.


There are many categories and special inspection categories that can become a part on an industrial project. HMT can provide these services for your project or within your municipality either directly or through our extended network of professionals.


As part of the services we provide and the certifications we maintain, HMT and Associates remains fully insured for liability, errors, and omissions. If you have any questions regarding this and how it may impact our services for you, please contact us.

For more information, contact our Building Inspections Department at 724-916-0061 or email Building Inspections.