HMT and Associates provides the full spectrum of Civil design services for private land development and improvement projects. Whether you are considering a new use for a property or improving an existing facility, we can provide you with the tools, resources, and information necessary for success.

Below are some of the key services we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, project quotations, or references.

Land Development

From concept to completion, we can design your project and bring it to life, providing as much or as little involvement as you choose. We have successfully developed residential, industrial, and commercial sites involving several hundred acres of mixed-use and planned developments, to sites less than an acre in size. With the ideas you bring to us, we can create a concept that meets your needs and budget, obtain the permits necessary, provide construction plans, and manage your project through occupancy – and everything in between. HMT uses the latest software including AutoCAD Civil 3D design programs.

Feasibility Studies and Site Assessments

Often times, the very first question for your project will involve a serious consideration of the options and costs. Let us use our expertise, our experience, and our local connections to provide you with accurate and reality-based planning for your project. This small initial investment to assess the feasibility of your project will be invaluable to you as your project continues.

Site Characterizations

Unknown and unanticipated costs of development can often be avoided or minimized when a proper Site Characterization is performed as part of your project planning. Whether it is a requirement of permitting or a due diligence effort, we can make sure that you have the best information on your site upfront.

Stormwater System Design & Permitting

As the regulations continue to evolve, more emphasis and scrutiny is being placed on Stormwater Management. Let us apply our experience at creating cost effective and innovative solutions to your project. Some consider stormwater a waste product, and others consider it a resource. We believe that somewhere in between is a design for your project that both satisfies your pocketbook and promotes the best consideration for the sustainability of the environment around us. HMT uses the latest software including the Hydraflow™ programs.

Erosion & Sediment Control Permitting

Every project that involves earth disturbance is required to plan for control of erosion and sediment. We have extensive experience designing and obtaining permits for the most current and the most cost effective measures for E&S control of your site. Thousands of dollars can be invested into measures that will be discarded as soon as grass begins to grow – or, you can have us take a proactive design approach that often lets your temporary E&S control measures become permanent features of your site that would otherwise have been required anyway. Such items as the stormwater system, municipal buffer zones, landscaping, and site grading can all begin with the implementation of erosion & sediment controls.

Construction Management Services

We have in-house project managers, construction inspectors, engineers, and administrative staff providing CM services for all facets of construction. Let us use our industry contacts and our years of experience to obtain the best pricing for your project, to provide diligent oversight ensuring the best construction, and to provide you with current and relevant information so that you are in control of your investment.

Survey Services

We have a full service survey department. Property survey, field topography, concept stakeout, and similar tasks can all happen for your project from one service provider. Please see our Surveying page for more information.

Construction Stakeout

HMT utilizes some of the latest software and equipment technology to take your design drawings and bring them to reality for your construction team. If schedule and budget are important to you, we can provide the answers you need. Please see our Surveying page for more information.

Building Design and Engineering

HMT has expanded its capabilities to include building and landscape design and architectural services. These services are performed by extremely experienced registered Architects and Landscape Architects. This new service now gives us the capabilities to perform turnkey site and building design services for the client.

  1. Water System, Wastewater and Storm Water Infrastructure Planning and Design
    As rural areas become developed or urban areas advance, the ability to convey and treat the waters produced may tax the existing systems, or may present challenges for new facilities to be designed and built. At HMT we believe heading into upgrading, remediation, or new infrastructure requires a sound plan with projections for the future, an organized approach and good knowledge of the changing regulations, technologies, costs and approaches are what we can provide.  HMT has the staff with experience in these long-term solutions for any size situation.
  1. Capital Improvements, Flood Mitigation, Roadway and Public Improvements Grant Programs
    HMT can provide a vast degree of experience in municipal planning and grant assistance for the projects you want to pursue in the municipal sector including DCED, LSA, DEP and USACE eligible projects.

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